Mobile Locations

Part of our mission is to create community, we have added three locations throughout Belton and Temple. We are bringing the Soulful J, Yoga experience to you and your friends! At these locations, we will continue to have props and towels. You only have to bring your mat! 

UPDATE - We are currently working on our 2018 Mobile Locations.

We will be back at BCYC in January and adding classes at Harris Community Center. 

New to yoga? We have several Yoga Basics Classes!


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In The Mood Ballroom

We will have 4 classes at In  The Mood Ballroom, including a Heated Flow. The Ballroom is an amazing venue, perfect for dancing and yoga!

Monday 10am - Yoga Basics

Tuesday 10am - Mixed Level Flow

Wednesday 10am - Yoga Basics

Thursday 10am - Mixed Level Flow

Harris Community Center 401 N. Alexander, Belton, TX

Harris Community Center 401 N. Alexander, Belton, TX

Harris Community Center

Harris Community Center will be our location for the 2 weekly early morning classes. (adding a third class in January)

Monday - 6 pm Mixed Level Flow, 7:15 pm Heated Flow

Tuesday - 6 am Mixed Level Flow

Tuesday - 6pm Power Vinyasa

Wednesday - 6 pm Yoga Basics, 7:15pm Power Vinyasa

Thursday - 6 am - Mixed Level Flow

You can registerfor a class and sign a waiver online. 

10751 West Adams, St. Temple, TX

10751 West Adams, St. Temple, TX

Foundation United Methodist Church

We are offering a New Class!

Yogavotion. This class is an ALL LEVELS vinyasa (flow) class. The class will begin with a short devotion and meditation, then begin the yoga practice. This class is open to all and partial proceeds from this location will be given back to Foundation Methodist Church. The Class will be in the Life Center.

Thursday - 6:15pm - Yogavotion


BJ's Brewery Tasting Room

Saturday 2 pm - Yoga Basics