Suzanne Jaroch  

Suzanne Jaroch  

Suzanne Jaroch 


Suzanne is a native Texan originally from Houston. She began her yoga practice while living in Fort Worth, and while trying other forms of "exercise", Yoga was always what she came back to. Suzanne works with students on proper alignment and breathing. She enjoys vinyasa and knows that one day she will master Adho Mukha Vrksasana!  Her love of music sets the tone for her classes and you will be motivated to challenge yourself.

Suzanne received her 200 RYT from Wanderlust Studio in Austin, Texas and she is a graduate of The University of Houston - Downtown and holds an MLA from Texas Christian University. She is married and has one daughter whom she calls her best friend.

Suzanne knows her strength and ability come from God and she also knows that life is too short to spend with people who suck the happiness from you.



Victoria HiLL


Victoria was raised in the Killeen/ Harkers Heights are and grew up struggling with the physical and emotional ailments associated with scoliosis. In 2009, she began her journey with yoga and found healing and comfort in her practice. In 2012, she received a spinal fusion surgery that allowed her a new beginning, although she faced many difficult months of adjustments, she went straight back into her yoga practice. After receiving her Level 1 YogaFit Certification, she completed her B.B. in Psychology from Texas A&M University of Corpus Christi. Tori teaches her classes with focusing on connecting the mind and heartand positive intentions. You will leave her classes feeling empowered and peaceful. Tori is also in charge of our private and corporate events, you can contact her at or 254-933-7603 



Mary Armstrong


Mary is a Yoga Alliance certified teacher who loves teaching the practice of yoga and enjoys sharing her passion with others. She calls herself a "yoga mutt" as her training is in Hatha and Ashtanga, she loves Kundalini and Vinyasa styles and you will see this variety in her classes. To keep her class fun and challenging, she will incorporate some "non yoga" movements such as pilates and other theraputic modalities.   This is what Mary says you can expect in her class:

1. A warm welcome, because I am truly grateful to see you.

2. Jokes (admittedly, not all of them pure gold)

3. Attention to the anatomy as well as breath.

4. Seeing me wobble out of poses too.

5. A soothing end of class relaxation exercise ( a real "happy ending") See what I meant about jokes! 



Cornelius Lopez

Cornelius was born and raised in Central Texas, he is a 200 hour registered yoga teacher (RYT) and studied at at YogaYoga in Austin, Texas. His practice began three years ago as a way to deal with anxiety and he has continued to grow in his practice. He believes in holding space for students to allow them to empower themselves and own their practice.

Cornelius believes that Yoga is inclusive, and welcomes students from all backgrounds, body type, and skill level. You will find his classes to be very energetic and relaxing. He accommodates his classes for every level of practitioner.


Serena Lewis


 My mission is to help transform the lives of people to help them understand their purpose of life. I teach this through yoga asana, meditation, mantra & sound to help my students understand their true nature.

I am a RYT 500.  I am certified in hatha flow, prenatal, Yin and much more. My two favorite styles of yoga are Hatha yoga and Yin yoga. Yoga is a form of self-expression. I teach people how to replicate self-expression through mantra, sound, meditation, and shapes created with their body. I incorporate yoga philosophy & mythology in my classes as a tool to help my students uncover their true being.