First Week... ok, first couple of days.


This is actually my first blog ever! I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to check out this website. This means maybe you are either already practicing yoga or you are thinking about. Either way, WELCOME! I am excited to be back in Belton, Texas. We lived here a few years ago and on the day the movers loaded my car onto the vehicle transport, I didn't know when we would be back in Texas, much less Belton. So here we are almost five years later! A Yoga Studio! How did this happen? I was a police officer! Do police officers practice yoga? Well, I did. For the past 15 years, I practiced and practiced and each time, learning more about what it means to be mindful, be present, be patient and be forgiving.

Maybe it is in my nature to be helpful. As an Officer, I wanted to help people. As an Instructor, I feel I am still helping people. Helping them take one hour for themselves. Yoga presents a little "me time", something we could all benefit from. So come by, say hello, take a class, we would love to see you!