1st Blog, 4th year.

Hello everyone, well if you are reading this Blog, maybe you are somewhat interested in where SJY is now. We are still here. That's it. We are here. I decided ( and it wasn't easy) to not renew the lease at the studio. During that time, I had no idea where I was going, and in the end, through prayer and more prayer and friendships, I realized it was the best decision. I guess while I thinking I had no direction, God knew where I was going to be. EVERYwhere. Now, as we more forward into this year, we will focus more on community and doing what we love - SHARING THE PRACTICE OF YOGA!

We will feature blogs from our instructors, and allow our readers to comment and ask questions. I only ask that you be professional and nice! Rudeness will not be accepted. In a few days we will be launching something new from SJY and we are so excited about it! Thanks for reading, and next up will be Mary Armstrong !!! If you haven't taken one of her classes, you should! she is an amazing teacher and a beautiful soul.

Thank you, 

Suzanne B. Jaroch